About Us

Monte Bagão aims to allow everyone a more direct and genuine contact with nature, agriculture and local traditions, through accommodation in a rural environment.

The Monte is inserted in a beautiful rural setting, wrapped in silence, with a very familiar and welcoming style, providing an authentic experience of the region.
We privilege the privacy and tranquillity of our guests, in a remote and relaxed rural area which is 2/3 km from the beautiful beaches of Cordoama, Castelejo, Ponta Ruiva and Telheiro and 4 km from Sagres village and Cape S. Vicente. Set in a region where you can discover some of the wonders of local history and archaeology.

Go by bike or on foot, and explore all the slopes, feel the countryside, all its beauty, colours and smells, which change with each season and invite you to enjoy the silence, the fauna and the flora.

At night, the sky shows its beauty with the luminosity of a starry sky, which allows you to see some constellations or even to see shooting stars.

The House consists of 10 bedrooms and a living room with kitchen. The simply furnished rooms include a private bathroom and fridge, all with a view of the Sagres Promontory and the agricultural fields of the region.

The terraces provide moments of contemplation with nature, feel its calm, the smells and sounds of the earth.

All rooms have the same characteristics. They have private bathroom with shower area, semi-private terrace with a view to the fields and usefulness of other social areas of the house.

Why Choose our Hotel

All the advantages of staying with us.


Our Hotel is close to the beach where you can partake in a lot of fun activities.


Our Hotel is the perfect location for those who like to split between the beach and countryside. Located between Vila do Bispo and Sagres, any beach is close enough so you can choose the south or west coast....

Free Private Parking

Stay away from confusion and have your car parked very close to your room in a safe place for free.


We provide our guests with all the necessary information for diversified activities like dolphin and marine bird watching, horseback riding, diving and family fishing. Take the opportunity to take a walking tour of the Natural Park or to rent bicycles and, in good company, fully enjoy the lands of Infante.


Our Hotel has 10 double rooms and we make sure everything is shiny, clean and fresh.